You always have a choice in life ...

... no matter whether it's concerning your daily life.
... no matter whether it's concerning your long-time goals.
... no matter whether it's concerning your actions.
... no matter whether it's concerning yourself.

As there are 6,200 thoughts in one's mind every day, it is impossible to manage them all, no matter how much you try. Even though these thoughts have a huge impact on your actions as well as on your feelings, you are in charge of your actions at the end of each day. Whenever you disagree with someone and their statements confuse you or even drive you crazy, ask yourself the following: If I can not control most of my own thoughts, which are influencing all actions I have ever done in my life, how should I control someone else's actions?

The answer? you can not.

It has never been your responsibility, nor ever will, to do so. As said earlier, you have the choice of speaking up against this misbehavior and to possibly change their view of things. This might influence their thoughts and therefore change their actions to the better in the long term. The last resort would be to avoid this negativity spread by other people, which can feel and function like shackles. Without this negativity, you can focus on fulfilling your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.